Deputy Minister of Health for Human Resources


Thanks to Allah, the skies and earth swam in His praise. All good deeds are done with His grace. Best prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad.


Saudi Arabia entered in a phase of digitalizing Government work in recent times as e-Government is a major shift which needs to consolidate the efforts and build abilities and competencies.

The Ministry of Health is working on developing e-services on all levels so that the websites will not remain only web pages but a development of genuine digitalization which includes all aspects of the service and e-governance.


I am pleased to participate with office colleagues in launching the Web site of the Office of Health employment in Philippines. I am also glad to welcome the visitors of the website and hope this website will enrich its visitors and browsers with knowledge in the areas of employment and procedures of recruitment from abroad as well as it will be an active contribution in providing them every information and guidance which they need about the service.


I also expect from the visitors and readers of the website to be in touch regularly with this website as it is designed by them, from them and for them. I wish all success and rightness for everyone and pray Almighty Allah to help us to do which is good and right.


May Allah continue His grace of peace and prosperity over our wise leadership (May Allah bless them).



Mr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Aiban

Deputy Minister of Health for Human Resources