Director General for Directorate General of Recruitment and External Office Affairs


Blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companion.


The various means of the communication and information technology are considered most important sources of the professional development and innovation. The internet is most prominent source of the media and became an urgent necessity of the information.


Therefore, a website has been constructed for the office of Health Employment in Philippines in the name of (WWW.SRO.COM.PH) under websites of the Ministry of Health. All of us very are much delighted on this. We're putting a brick for the building for moving a step ahead to interact with the whole world to tell them that this is our mission, vision and objectives.


This site will facilitate the process of communication and interaction between the management of SRO and users of its services. This website is a true mirror to reflect the advanced development of the Ministry of Health which included the infrastructure of buildings, facilities and medical equipments made available to benefit our beloved country of Saudi Arabia. We also hope this site will be unique in its objective and purpose as its goal to recruit on the jobs of medicos and health care staff from Philippines.


At this stage I can only express an unlimited support being given to the health sectors by our good government specially by the esteemed custodian of two mosques (May All bless him) in order to achieve the health of citizens and expatriates. I should also mention here the honorable minister of health for his personal follow-up regularly.


At the end we pray help all those who are working for this website.

May peace be upon our master Muhammad.



Mr. Othman Ali Alshihri

Director General for Directorate General of Recruitment and External Office Affairs