The office of the Health Employment, Manila Philippines commits to access to highly qualified health manpower and recruit them according to procedures and standards to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Office of the Health Employment provides logistic support: 

1. Office of Health Employment invites applications

Office of Health Employment invites applications from Filipino citizens (Medical and Non-Medical) through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.) who advertise jobs of the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, in various leading dailies, job portals and medical journals as and when required by the MOH authorities.


2. Supervises recruitment

Office of Health Employment coordinates with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.) time to time to facilitate eligible candidates for the recruitment process further. 

3. Organizes Interview

Office of Health Employment organizes the interviews conducted by the Recruitment Committee designated by the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This committee comprises of the highly qualified doctors and administrators from Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4. Provides required particulars

The committee finalizes eligible candidates on spot selection basis for selected candidates to work in the ministry of health as per the job requirement & criteria. The selection committee provides following particulars e.g., job number, place of posting, remuneration (including all perks) to the final selected candidates. On showing their consent to accept the offer, they are provided job offer letter, Medical form, visa number, etc. 

5. Visa Processing

We process visa endorsement for the candidates immediately after they complete authentication of their testimonials, includes employment certificates from Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and The Saudi Consulate at Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Philippines.

6. Hand over the travel documents

of the candidates including passport with visa, air-ticket and file, after their salary evaluation.